Our Team

This team of dynamic and passionate individuals work eagerly to fulfill the Museum’s mission each day.

Hillary Spencer, President & CEO

Jami Emory, Vice President of Development

Jessica Hayes, Vice President of Programming

Allison Stuenzi, Assistant Program and Storytelling Coordinator

Caitlin Weeke, Special Events Manager

Chloe Ingle, STEM Coordinator-Greenville

Christine Pineros, Volunteer & YES! Program Coordinator-Greenville

Crystal Goehring, Camp & Homeschool Coordinator-Greenville

Danielle Herring, Museum Coordinator-Spartanburg

Debra Plosky, Director of Sales

Emily Sobeski, Director of Marketing and Design

Jane Gomez, Director of Educational Outreach

Jonathan Kilpatrick, Special Events Coordinator

Josh Cato, Shop Manager

Kathy Jackson, Director of Development

Kristina Toney, Sales Coordinator

Lauren Prestino Friedrich, Site Director-Spartanburg

Matt Ballard, Operations Coordinator

Mariah Burch, Spartanburg Sales & Program Guide

Ouida Ray, Executive Assistant

Ricky Baldwin, Facilities Technician

Stella Moraes, Development Associate

Tara Rowland, Marketing Consultant

For general inquires, please email: info@tcmupstate.org or call 864.233.7755