School's Out Camps


Spring Break Day Camps
April 10-April 14 | 9am-4pm
Grades K5-3rd

Kids in K5 through Grade 3 can join TCMU during spring break to learn about art history and explore different art techniques in this year’s spring break camps at TCMU.

Art-based camp programming includes:

  • Apply different techniques in working with clay
  • Create your own paint and chalk
  • Explore different artists and recreate their artwork
  • Work in teams to create collaborative pieces of art
  • Study famous art pieces from around the world
  • Create take-home 3D creations

$50 for non-members and $45 for members PER DAY.

Click "register now" for your preferred camp in the table below to register online. Call 864-233-7755 to register over the phone.

Online registrants: Please carefully follow the instructions to ensure that you are registering your camper correctly. If you would like to add multiple days, click the link on the shopping cart page to "add another camp" before checking out. Your shopping cart will save for up to 30 minutes.

April 10K5-1st gradeFamous Artists: Learn about the lives and techniques used by masters Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, & Picasso. Create a masterpiece in the style of these artists.Register Now
April 11K5-1st gradeGreen Art: Incorporate Recyclables in making art. Examples include upcycling, fashion creations, and sculptures with a purpose.Register Now
April 12K5-1st gradeDesign Art: Explore how art and design is used to create everything from shoes to comics to buildings. Use art techniques to create your own real world designs!Register Now
April 13K5-1st gradeAnimation and Storytelling: Learn about the art of storytelling from ancient times all the way to present-day cartoons. Create stories using different mediums.Register Now
April 14K5-1st gradeArt in Nature: Study and observe the elements of art in the natural world and create works of art using art mediums found in nature.Register Now
April 102nd-3rd gradeArt and Media: Study art that tells stories, from Greek vases to Matisse. Create and tell stories in different media.Register Now
April 112nd-3rd gradeIt’s Off the Wall: Look at art that uses non-traditional forms and methods, from 15th century to Jackson Pollock, then use those techniques to create similar “off the wall” concepts.Register Now
April 122nd-3rd gradeArt About Me: Learn about other artists and then use the artists' styles to create self-portraits and other art that represents themselves.Register Now
April 132nd-3rd gradePop Art: Learn about colors, pop art, and famous pieces by Andy Warhol in today’s art camp. Use these fun techniques to create art.Register Now
April 142nd-3rd gradePaint Day: Learn about the life and paintings of Vincent van Gogh. Explore the history of some of his paintings and paint the day away in this art camp.Register Now


Summer Camps 2017

On sale March 7 to members | March 14 to non-members

Morning Camps are from 9am-12pm for ages Pre-K, completed grades K5-1, and completed grades 2-3.

Afternoon Camps are offered 1pm-4pm only for completed grades K5-3. Afternoon camps repeat morning activities. 

Pre-K Campers must be four by the start of camp.

Special Offering: LEGO League Robotics camp for ages 10-14
June 19-23 from 9am-noon

Registration Process

  • Full payment must be made at the time of registration.
  • Emergency medical form must be completed prior to the start of Camp.
  • Register by phone at 864-233-7755.
  • Register online by selecting "register now" for your preferred week in the table below:
  • Online registrants: Please carefully follow the instructions to ensure that you are registering your camper correctly. If you would like to add multiple weeks, click the link on the shopping cart page to "add another camp" before checking out. Your shopping cart will save for up to 30 minutes.

Cancellation Policy

  • No refunds are offered for camp cancellations. In the event of a cancellation, funds may be moved to another camp if space is available.


  • $140/member and $160/non-member includes a week of camp and parking!


Children are in for a treat in our Art Camp this summer. Explore various artistic mediums, from painting and drawing to exploring the art of fibers with a special Artist-in-Residence. Students will end the week by setting up an art gallery for parents, grandparents and other family members to see their final masterpieces.

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning- Little Picassos: Engage in multiple processes to create art with unique artistic tools.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Junior Artists: Explore various art mediums with our artist-in-residence.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Creative Cats: Paint, sketch sculpt, and more with our artist-in-residence.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Art: Activities will repeat from Junior Artist and Creative Cats camps.

 Science, technology, engineering, and math come together in a week of engaging LEGO activities. Building with LEGOs helps make STEM concepts become more tangible through engaging, educational experiences. What will you build this week?

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - LEGOs, Duplos, and More: Gain early STEAM experiences through building opportunities and play.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Junior LEGOs: Learn to solve challenges with simple machines during a week of building.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Expert LEGOs: Take LEGO building to the next level by working together to use motors and learn new skills.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - LEGOs: Activities will repeat from Junior LEGOs and Expert LEGOs camps.

Special Offering: LEGO League Robotics: Ages 10 – 14, 9 a.m. – Noon only
Students with an interest in coding and LEGO League Robotics are encouraged to sign up for an entire week of camp to learn the ins and outs of robotics and coding. Work directly with our LEGO League coaches to gain experience in LEGO League and have fun working on a team.

We are diving into the invention processes from Spark!Lab and using engineering design processes to spend the week creating and testing out projects. Along with getting special time in Spark!Lab while it’s closed to the public, campers will learn idea creation techniques to impact learning and skill building.

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - Little Inventors: Engage in challenges to invent and create in this hands-on camp.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Junior Inventors: Use the invention process to spend the week creating and testing out projects.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Solution Seekers: Come up with real solutions to real problems by using idea creation techniques.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Invention: Activities will repeat from Junior Inventors and Solution Seekers camps.

Explore the world of dinosaurs in this week’s camp. Students will investigate how dinosaurs lived by exploring their diet, habitats, bones, and more. Participate in hands-on activities related to dinosaurs and learn more about these fascinating creatures.

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - Little Dinosaurs: Spend the week learning about dinosaurs through art, music, stories, and play.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Dinosaur Discoveries: Participate in hands-on activities to learn more about the different types of dinosaurs that existed.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Paleontologists: Investigate and research dinosaurs in engaging ways to learn more about their diet, habitats, bones, and more.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Archaeologists: Activites will repeat from Dinosaur Discoveries and Paleontologists camps.

3,2,1… Blastoff! How does an astronaut survive in space? What is it like on other planets? Explore outer space in this camp.

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - Little Astronauts: Explore the sun, moon, stars, and more in this out-of-this-world camp.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Space Explorers: Space Explorers learn about astronauts and what it’s like on other plants in this week’s camp.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Space Cadets: Find out the various ways scientists learn about space through hands-on technology and activities.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Astronauts: Activities will repeat from Space Explorers and Space Cadets camps.

Spend the week exploring computer programming skills through interactive and fun projects. Students will have opportunities to work with special robots and computer programs to learn basic programming, problem solving, and more 21st century skills in this interactive coding camp.

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - Little Coders: Use simple robots to learn early skills in coding and following directions.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Coding for Kids: Work with special robots and computer programs to learn basic programming and problem solving.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - What’s the Code?: Spend the week gaining computer programming skills through interactive and fun projects.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Coding: Activities will repeat from Coding for Kids and What’s the Code? camps.

Did you know introducing your children to theatre can also teach them skills based on collaboration, creativity, problem solving, and social development? Students will explore the world of theatre, from improv and scripts to designing props and puppets. This camp is for anyone who loves to imagine, play, make and act. No theatre experience required!

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - Imagination Station: Engage in imaginary play, puppetry and other drama experiences.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Playful Puppeteers: Combine theatre and art by creating exciting puppets and putting on shows. Get a chance to see professional puppets up close!

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Proud Performers: Explore the world of theatre, from improv and scripts to designing props and puppets.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Theatre: Activities will repeat from Playful Puppeteers and Proud Performers camps.

Students will have opportunities to explore our Studio and Animation Station like never before. Create a short stop-motion animation film by working together and creating characters, get a behind-the-scenes look at video editing, and learn more about the impact media has on our everyday lives. .

Pre-K, 4 year olds: Morning - Little Storytellers: Learn storytelling, music integration, and more. Experience opportunities to learn early animation skills.

Completed Grades K5-1st: Morning - Junior Animators: Work together to create a stop-motion animation film by creating characters, and getting an inside look at our animation station.

Completed Grades 2nd-3rd: Morning - Media Detectives: Learn about the impact media has on our lives by getting an inside look at our Studio and how it works. Create scripts, record your own ideas, and more in this one-of-a-kind camp.

Completed Grades K5-3rd: Afternoon - Animation: Activities will repeat from Junior Animators and Media Detectives camps.

Register online:

Art With An Artist: June 12-16

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year OldsLittle Picassos
Register Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stJunior ArtistsRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdCreative CatsRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon ArtRegister Now

LEGO Camp: June 19-23

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsLEGOs, Duplos, and MoreRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stJunior LEGOsSOLD OUT!
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdExpert LEGOsRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3Afternoon LEGOsRegister Now
9am-12pmAges 10-14LEGO League RoboticsRegister Now

Invention Camp: June 26-30

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsLittle InventorsRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stJunior InventorsRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdSolution SeekersRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon InventorsRegister Now

Dinosaur Camp: July 10-14

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsLittle DinosaursRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stDinosaur DiscoveriesRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdPaleontologistsRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon ArchaeologistsRegister Now

Space Camp: July 17-21

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsLittle AstronautsRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stSpace ExplorersRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdSpace CadetsRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon AstronautsRegister Now

Coding 101: July 24-28

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsLittle CodersRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stCoding for KidsRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdWhat's the Code?Register Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon CodingRegister Now

Theatre For All: July 31- August 4

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsImagination StationRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stPlayful PuppeteersRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdProud PerformersRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon TheatreRegister Now

Media & Animation: August 7-11

9am-12pmPre-K, 4 year oldsLittle StorytellersRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades K5-1stJunior AnimatorsRegister Now
9am-12pmCompleted Grades 2nd-3rdMedia DetectivesRegister Now
1pm-4pmCompleted Grades K5-3rdAfternoon AnimationRegister Now

Summer camps are sponsored by Vanguard Charitable.

The Artist in Residence program is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and The South Carolina Arts Commission.



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