Get ready for a summer of learning and play! TCMU camps deliver multiple educational and cultural experiences for children, with experienced educators and hands-on STEAM learning in a safe, all-inclusive environment.


Registration Information

Full payment must be made at the time of registration. Emergency medical form must be completed and or on file prior to the start of camp.

Registration is by call in only. Call 864-233-7755 M-F from 9am-4:40pm or Saturday from 9am-1pm to register.


New in 2019!
  • Full day camp options for grades K5-3rd grade
  • Optional Lunch Bunch Hour add-on for half day camps from 12pm-1pm
  • Three-year olds will be accepted in Pre-K camps (must be potty-trained)


Details and Pricing

Pre-K Camps

  • Half day only: 9am-12pm
  • Must be 3 years old by start date of camp
  • Must be potty-trained
  • Members: $140 per week
  • Non-members: $160 per week

K5–3rd Grade Camp

  • Half day AM: 9am-12pm
  • Half day PM: 1pm-4pm
  • Full day: 9am-4pm
  • Register with child's completed grade
  • Members: Half Day-$140 per week | Full day-$260 per week
  • Non-members: Half Day-$160 per week | Full day-$300 per week

Lunch Bunch Hour Add-on

  • All ages
  • From 12pm-1pm
  • $25 per week for half-day campers, included in price of full-day camp
  • Camper must pack their own lunch



Parking is free for up to thirty minutes for camp guardians during drop-off and pick-up times at the Heritage Green Parking Deck. Guardians must present their valid parking ticket with a dated parking voucher from museum to receive proper credit. Museum staff will provide vouchers each day at drop-off and pick-up.


Cancellation Policy
  • The museum offers no refunds for camp. Campers can be moved to another week of camp if space is available.
  • Programs with low enrollment 10 days prior to start date are subject to cancellation. Minimum enrollment of 3 students per age group is required to run each camp. If camp cancellation occurs, camp registrants will be notified and given the opportunity to select another week of camp or receive a refund.


Themes and activities by age group

Click for Pre-K

Click for K5-3rd grade


Pre-K Camps

Grab your fossil brush and head to TCMU-Greenville for a week of dinosaur discoveries! Our littlest paleontologists will have an exciting week of exploring new dinosaurs in our traveling exhibit, making dinosaur eggs, and sharpening science, literacy, math, and art skills while learning about dinosaurs. Campers will use dinosaur replica models to explore the anatomy of a dinosaur and invent their own. Create your own dino-mite snacks using healthy foods, and hatch a dinosaur egg!


Put on your art apron and join us at TCMU-G for a week of art. Native American Potter, Senora Lynch, will meet with preschools during one camp day. Preschoolers will also make, sculpt, draw, paint, and create to their heart’s content in this artistic camp. Explore how a pottery wheel works, make your own playdough, and create clay projects to take home.


Our littlest scientists will learn about science safety through age-appropriate lessons. Learn to mix and measure to create slime and playdough. Participate in bubbly-experiments, learn how physical and chemical reactions work, and more in this STEAM-based camp.


Our littlest LEGO builders will have an exciting week of creative play and games through LEGOs, DUPLOS, and more. Participate in camp story times and use your engineering skills to work collaboratively to build projects from our stories. Can you create Max’s sailboat from Where the Wild Things Are? Can you help build new shoes for Pete the Cat? Build and breakdown colorful buildings, zoo animals, superheroes, and more.


Campers will have opportunities to participate in activities designed specifically for young children by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and travel to far out destinations in this exciting space adventure. Use moonboots to walk on the moon, learn how craters are created, and design a rocket ship to prepare for blastoff.


Jump into a storybook and engage in imaginative play in this fairytale camp with capes, crowns, and more. Explore fantasy characters, travel back to medieval times, and dive into our favorite fairy tales. Campers will have opportunities to build castles and pirate ships, and go on an exciting treasure hunt throughout the museum!


Explore “Once Upon a Time” using engineering practices. Children will be inspired to invent stories, build castles, and create characters based on our favorite fairy tales. Campers will enjoy exciting private playtime with Imagination Playground. Learn basic engineering skills and work collaboratively with your fellow engineers this week.


Buckle in and get ready to travel by boats, trains, trucks, and planes! Campers will have a blast exploring how things move through stories, movement, art, and more. Visitors will bring exciting vehicles for touch-a-truck activities.



Grades K5-3rd Grade

AM - SOLD OUT!: Paleontologists: This dinosaur camp is like no other! Our older paleontologists will get a behind-the-scenes look at our Dinosaur Discoveries summer exhibit. Meet with our exhibit design team, and use your newfound knowledge to create your own dinosaur exhibit model to share at the end of the week. Campers will learn to use skills in design, programming, budgeting to create their museum gallery, and will get a behind-the-scenes tour of our exhibit workshop.

PM: Dino-Art: Combine the worlds of art and dinosaurs in this unique camp. Our dino-artists will have opportunities to learn to draw dinosaurs, sculpt 3D models, and more, all while learning new and exciting information about these colossal creatures. Learn the art of mask-making by creating a dinosaur-themed mask, and create a green-zilla with recyclables.


AM: Amazing Artists:  Use a variety of art mediums in this week’s camp. Artists will have opportunities to create special ceramic art projects with our artist-in-residence, Senora Lynch. Senora Lynch is nationally known for her creation of exquisite American Indian handmade pottery. Celebrate the end of the week by putting on an art gallery for parents.

PM: The Art of Recycling: Our afternoon artists will focus on the excitement of recycled art. Use “junk” and used materials to create new masterpieces. Our afternoon campers will also meet with our artist-in-residence, Senora Lynch. Senora Lynch is nationally known for her creation of exquisite American Indian handmade pottery. Celebrate the end of the week by putting on an art gallery for parents.


AM -SOLD OUT!: Science Academy: Calling all scientists! From 3D printing and kitchen chemistry to volcanoes and ice-periments, your camper will use the scientific method while participating in an incredible week of science. Take home a 3D printed design, use ramps to explore motion, and meet a scientist.

PM- SOLD OUT!: Super Spy Academy: Do you have what it takes to solve a mystery? Communicate with codes and analyze fingerprints while using your detective skills in various museum missions. You’ll be given a super-secret spy badge and a top-secret mission each day.


AM- SOLD OUT!: LEGO Lab: Building with LEGOs helps make STEM concepts become more tangible through engaging, educational experiences that also require team building skills. Campers will have opportunities to participate in various LEGO challenges and builds. Craft a drawing LEGO robot, and create a LEGO zip line! What will you create this week?

PM- SOLD OUT!: LEGO Animation: Make your own LEGO movie this week! Use cameras, iPads, LEGO’s and other materials to create your own animations and stories to share with your family and friends. Campers will learn how to write a storyboard, create props, and design a setting before recording their animations.


AM- SOLD OUT!: Soaring into Space: Become an astronaut this week! Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing through history, technology, science and art. Learn about famous astronauts and other careers related to space. Learn what it takes to be an astronaut by tasting space food, exploring pictures from space, and participating in astronaut-approved exercises.

PM: Astro-Inventions: How was the space helmet invented? Can you make it even better? What else does an astronaut need for survival? This innovative camp explores the world of space-related inventions. Explore patents and create your own space inventions using the Spark!Lab Invention Process. Campers will have opportunities to showcase their inventions in our Spark!Lab space.


AM -SOLD OUT!: Wizard Academy: Calling all wizards and witches! Grab your broomstick and get ready for a week of scientific potions, herbology studies, wizarding games, and more. Campers will read small portions of Harry Potter to learn the history before diving into each activity.

PM - SOLD OUT!: Stormtroopers and Science: Dive into the science of Star Wars by designing lightsabers, LEGO Star Wars ships, and more! Your little stormtroopers will have an out-of-this-world experience.


AM - SOLD OUT!: Engineers and Careers: Campers will work with various engineering challenges and use problem-solving skills as we assemble structures and find solutions. Meet an engineer and our exhibits team in this hands-on camp. Campers will work with simple machines and complete exciting challenges with Rigamajig.

PM: SOLD OUT! Kids in the Kitchen: Put on your chef’s hat and get cooking! This year’s cooking camp will be full of exciting recipes, guest chefs, and private use of our What’s Cookin’ Kitchen.


AM - SOLD OUT!: Science and Art Fusion: Calling all artists and scientists! Fuse creative arts and STEM together for a week of color blending, designing comic book cookies, creative chemistry, nature drawings, and more.

PM: SciGirls Camp: Learn how rewarding and fun it is to do science and engineering with your peers through exciting STEM career possibilities. Participate in circuit-building, 3D printing, engineering challenges, and more.



The Artist-in-residence program June 17–21 is funded in part by a grant from South Arts in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and The South Carolina Arts Commission