Winter and Spring Day Camps 

School is out - Camp is in! The Children's Museum of the Upstate-Greenville offers day camp experiences while school is out. Enjoy a full day of learning and play, including STEAM programming and museum play time, all led by our engaging and dynamic team of Program Guides.

Registration now open. Call to register - 864-233-7755 or click the link in the table below.

K5-3rd grade camps: $50/day for non-members - $45/day for members
Preschool camps: $30/day for non-members - $25/day for members

Camps with low enrollment are subject to cancellation or may be combined with other grade levels. If cancellation occurs, you will be notified and given the opportunity to select another camp.

Schedule of 2018-2019 Day Camps

January 21: MLK Day Break Camp
K5-3rd grade: 9am-4pm
Calling All Artists - Meet a special guest artist while learning different forms of art. From music and mixed-media creations to painting and puppetry, there will be a variety of forms that will appeal to all aspiring artists. Begin the day with games related to painting. Meet an artist-in-residence, Cecilia Ho, to create amazing felt art. Learn to weave using a loom! Learn about everyday fiber items and learn to weave using a pattern. Students will up-cycle Styrofoam into a fiber masterpiece by the end of camp!

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February 18: President's Day Break Camp
K5-3rd grade: 9am-4pm
Space Robotics - Explore our winter traveling exhibit, Be the Astronaut, and learn about technology that gets used in space. From manned missions on the International Space Station to robotic rovers and satellites that reach the furthest ends of our solar system, campers will investigate how these machines are made, maintained, and continually modernized.

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April 15–19: Spring Break Day Camps

K5-3rd grade: 9am-4pm
April 15: Be the Rad Scientist - Campers will employ each step in the scientific method as they engage in hands-on learning, from predicting what will happen in a chemical reaction to testing and investigating the outcomes.
April 16: Be the Marine Biologist - Campers will explore the different wet regions of the world, the animals that live there, and learn why each species has chosen that specific location as their home.
April 17: Be the Astronaut - Campers will go in-depth to learn what it takes to be a real-life astronaut. Groups will work together to complete a team mission and accomplish other space-related tasks that require creative problem-solving skills.
April 18: Be the Anatomy Expert - Ever thought about the systems that make our bodies work? Take a deeper look into the idea of "grossology" and explore how all the different body systems work together to keep us healthy-from digestion to sneezing and everything in between. Based on the popular children's book.
April 19: Be the Engineer Featuring LEGOs - Campers will become inventors-designing, prototyping, and building their own LEGO creation. Explore the production technology needed to manufacture a real, working model.

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