• Big League Fun

    Big League Fun

    Open June 2, 2018–September 9, 2018 Big League Fun is an engaging, educational, and bilingual exhibit experience for children and…

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  • Spark!Lab


    Now Open! TCMU introduces Spark!Lab, a unique hands-on educational experience for children and families! The new hands-on invention experience comes…

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  • Bib’s World

    Bib’s World

    Bib's World Spring Hours: 10am-4:45pm Gifted by The Michelin Corporate Foundation, Bib’s World offers hands-on learning about the concept of sustainable…

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  • Reedy River Bend

    Reedy River Bend

    Features a series of multi-leveled channels where water tumbles over waterfalls, flows through pipes, erupts from fountains and turns the…

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  • 7 News Studio

    7 News Studio

    Great news: TCMU has updated its 7 News Studio on the first floor, with exciting new music selections such as "Let…

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  • Start Your Engines

    Start Your Engines

    Buckle up because Start Your Engines is an exhibit where visitors will discover the science of speed including aerodynamics, friction,…

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  • Toddler Lily Pond

    Toddler Lily Pond

    Located next to Reedy River Bend, the Toddler Lily Pond is just the place for the museum’s youngest visitors to…

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  • Off the Wall

    Off the Wall

    Off the Wall is a unique exploration space designed to inspire creative self-expression and ignite a passion for learning about…

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  • Construction Zone

    Construction Zone

    Construction Zone provides materials for visitors to experience construction on both a small and large scale, inviting them to be construction workers…

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