• The Boxcar Children

    The Boxcar Children

    Open through May 6, 2018 Join us on Saturdays in November as we offer programming inspired by The Boxcar Children.…

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  • Spark!Lab


    Now Open! TCMU introduces Spark!Lab, a unique hands-on educational experience for children and families! The new hands-on invention experience comes…

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  • Bib’s World

    Bib’s World

    Bib's World Hours: 10am-4:45pm Gifted by The Michelin Corporate Foundation, Bib’s World offers hands-on learning about the concept of sustainable…

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  • Holiday Traditions: Nov 24-Dec 31

    Holiday Traditions: Nov 24-Dec 31

    November 24, 2017 – December 31, 2017 Children of all ages will be amazed by our festive Holiday Traditions Exhibit in the…

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  • Reedy River Bend

    Reedy River Bend

    Features a series of multi-leveled channels where water tumbles over waterfalls, flows through pipes, erupts from fountains and turns the…

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  • WTCM Studio

    WTCM Studio

    Great news: TCMU has updated its WTCM Studio on the first floor, with exciting new music selections such as "Let…

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  • Start Your Engines

    Start Your Engines

    Buckle up because Start Your Engines is an exhibit where visitors will discover the science of speed including aerodynamics, friction,…

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  • Toddler Lily Pond

    Toddler Lily Pond

    Located next to Reedy River Bend, the Toddler Lily Pond is just the place for the museum’s youngest visitors to…

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  • Off the Wall

    Off the Wall

    Off the Wall is a unique exploration space designed to inspire creative self-expression and ignite a passion for learning about…

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  • Construction Zone

    Construction Zone

    Construction Zone provides materials for visitors to experience construction on both a small and large scale, inviting them to be construction workers…

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  • Healthy Heroes

    Healthy Heroes

    If you want to put your body and mind to the test, then Healthy Heroes is the place for you.  The exhibit…

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  • Climber


    Located in the heart of our three-story museum, this one-of-a-kind, multi-story climbing structure provides a challenging and dynamic environment for…

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  • Money Works

    Money Works

    Sponsored by South Carolina Association of CPA's Piedmont Chapter. Watch children benefit from hands-on learning opportunities focused on financial literacy. They can role-play…

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  • 3, 2, 1 Blast Off

    3, 2, 1 Blast Off

    In 3,2,1 Blast Off, children’s imaginations will blast off into the outer space of their imagination. As they control the…

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  • Garage Rock

    Garage Rock

    Garage Rock is a fun musical experience where children and families can express themselves and experiment in creating musical sounds.…

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  • Talkin’ Trash

    Talkin’ Trash

    In Talkin' Trash, our environmental conservation exhibit, visitors discover things they can do everyday to reduce the waste they produce.  Based…

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  • Grandma Betty’s Farm

    Grandma Betty’s Farm

    Packed with activities for the youngest visitors, Grandma Betty’s Farm is a special area of the museum designed specifically for…

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  • Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System

    Children’s Hospital of Greenville

    The Children's Hospital of Greenville Health System provides an environment where visitors can learn about how their bodies work and how to…

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  • Bi-Lo Market

    Bi-Lo Market

    The BI-LO Market is a child-scaled grocery store designed to give visitors an authentic marketing experience. Children move through the…

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