Welcome to Healthy Heroes

Children ages birth to age 5 are growing and developing rapidly. Healthy Heroes offers children under the age of 4 the chance to explore different physical activities with adult supervision.

Below are activities that you can do with your child as they explore the exhibit. 

Children ages 4 -5 years old should be able to:

  • Walk on the balance beam with adult supervision.
  • Begin climbing the glass climbing wall with adult supervision.
  • Go down the stomach slide on their own.
  • Sit in the chair on the pulley system and try to pull themselves up.
  • Laugh and joke about the displays in the stomach.
  • Express themselves to an adult if the noise at the stomach exhibit frightens them.

This resource powered by Greenville First Steps.

Although every child matures at their own pace, the activities recommended here correspond with broad developmental milestones at each age level.  If your child is not able to perform the tasks described for his/her age level, we recommend you contact your child’s pediatrician or call Help Me Grow South Carolina, 1-855-476-9211 or check out their website at www.helpmegrowsc.org  to learn more.