Adult Volunteers

We are excited to invite new volunteers, 18 years of age and older, to join the TCMU family! We have several ongoing needs at the Museum and look forward to the unique experiences you will bring to our organization.  In order to provide you with adequate information and training and also to be considerate of your time, we have specifically scheduled times of the year in which volunteers may attend info sessions, interview and become oriented volunteers. All Volunteer Onboarding dates are listed below.

In order to volunteer, applicants must:
  1. Fill out the online Interest Application by clicking “Apply Now” below. Your application will be kept on file and you will be contacted closer to a scheduled information session (see dates below) to learn more about the needs of the museum and available volunteer opportunities.
  2. After attending the info session, if the applicant is interested in moving forward, they will sign up for an interview time to meet with staff and review additional paperwork which includes emergency contacts, medical and media waivers and character references. Interviews typically last 15-30 minutes.
    *Please note:
    -Interviews will need to take place Tuesday-Saturday 9am-5pm
    - Applicants 18 years of age and older must successfully complete a criminal background check ($8 cost to the volunteer).
  3. Finally, if volunteer placement is determined a good fit for both parties and all reference and background checks are complete, the applicant will need to attend a scheduled orientation, see dates below.

*Please note:  Applicants 18 years of age and older must successfully complete online child protection training prior to their first shift.


Volunteer Onboarding Sessions

Volunteer Information Session: October 3; 5:30pm
Volunteer Interviews Open: October 7-21
Volunteer Orientation: October 24; 5:30pm

Volunteer Information Session: January 24; 5:30pm
Volunteer Interviews Open: January 25-February 10
Volunteer Orientation: February 19; 5:30pm

Volunteer Information Session: May 7; 5:30pm
Volunteer Interviews Open: May 5-19
Volunteer Orientation: May 21; 5:30pm


*Dates are subject to change
*Additional info sessions and orientations may be scheduled during museum business hours


 Types of Shifts Available to Ongoing Volunteers:
Work with our guests 5 and under at Story & More! Assist staff with engaging the guests with the story-related activity and craft. Keep the room clean and supplies available. Morning shift; usually 10am-12pm Monday-Saturday.

Work with guests of all ages and help them create their artistic masterpieces! Art supplies are set out every day between 1-4pm. Help guests with the special art project of the month or assist guests in setting up the easel paper or providing ideas for unique projects. Keep the art area clean. Afternoon shift; 1-4pm every day.

Help provide a meaningful, educational and fun experience for our guests! Help greet guests at admissions. Point out fun games and activities in the exhibits. Present floor demonstrations and bring out interactive games and toys; example: help guests dig for shark teeth, play with sensory sand, shoot a rocket, make snow, play with an air bazooka and much more! Keep the exhibits clean and tidy. Shifts vary. Weekday guides are scheduled when groups or schools attend the museum. Weekend guides are scheduled based on busy hours. Have your own demo in mind? You can audition it in front of program staff!

Break out of the routine and head off-site to events, fairs and sports venues to help promote the museum. An adult volunteer is needed to sign-up before the opportunity is extended to youth volunteers. Adults will be responsible for picking up marketing materials and supplies at the Museum and will set up the booth at the event. Volunteers will talk to visitors about museum programming, events and opportunities as well as promote giveaways and other marketing strategies. Volunteers will also encourage visitors to participate in basic craft, activity or demo.


Other monthly programming, project and special event opportunities are available on an as-needed basis; office work and data entry is needed from time to time and volunteers are scheduled as needed.

Our ongoing volunteers are encouraged to volunteer for holiday and summer camps as well. It is an additional application to determine interest and availability. Information will be sent to all volunteers on the requirements and how to apply.
- Fall Break Camp
- Winter Break Camp
- Spring Break Camp
- Summer Camps



Spark!Lab is a hands-on experience where guests can tinker, explore, create and invent. Children and families learn about the history and process of invention through rotating activities in Spark!Lab. Learn more about volunteer opportunities in Spark!Lab here.