Higher Education Programs

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate is a place for children to learn through play, science… and so much more! We now offer programs for Middle School, High School, and College Students who wish to take part in hands-on, meaningful, and integrated learning. Tailored to each class, our programs invite students in for presentations on child development, exhibit design, parent engagement, informal education, and other customized topics.

What Can We Offer You?

The Children’s Museum of the Upstate takes an integrative approach to learning. This means no matter what subject your students are learning, there is a way that TCMU can create a meaningful educational experience.

Each class (25 students) is able to:

  • Attend a presentation on a topic worked out between you and the Director of Programming.
  • Explore the museum for a day.
  • Hear from other museum professionals about the topic-at-hand.
  • Participate in a follow-up activity, such as teaching their own program or designing their own exhibit models to be shared at the museum.

Need Examples?

  • Your environmental science students are learning about water pollution. They may want an opportunity to visit the museum and learn how exhibits are designed, and go back to class to design their own exhibits based on information they are learning on water pollution.
  • Your early education students are finding ways to bring meaningful play experiences to the classroom. Our educators can provide information on best practices in hands-on approaches, and even allow students to participate in programs in our museum with our team.

Want to Book?

Cost varies dependent on topic. For more information, please reach out to Jessica Hayes, our Director of Programming, at jhayes@tcmupstate.org or call 864-553-7903

Individual Students

Individual students wishing to complete projects for their education classes may do so by appointment only and must provide their professor’s contact information.

Successful Stories

Amy Fleischmann
USC Upstate - Instructor
School of Education

“The Children’s Museum of the Upstate has such an amazing collection of interactive exhibits that provides wonderful inspiration for my prospective Elementary teachers to plan engaging lessons for their future students.  The goal of my class, Fine Arts in the Elementary classroom, is for my students to learn how to incorporate visual art, drama, music and movement into the core curricula areas and the museum helps me achieve this goal."

Erin R. Hahn
Associate Professor of Psychology
Furman University

High School Students visited Clemson over the summer to get a feel for college. They were able to attend a presentation on Exhibit Design and went back to design their own exhibits with Child Development in mind.

“I brought my students to The Children’s Museum of the Upstate to see first-hand how the science of child development is applied in a real-world setting. By speaking with various staff members and touring the facility while it was busy with families, my students gained a new appreciation for the importance of children’s play. The visit helped to solidify what they had been learning in the classroom, and it opened their eyes to new career possibilities.”

Alison E. Leonard, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Arts & Creativity
College of Education
Clemson University

Early Education and Special Education Students visit the museum to learn about how we approach education and have opportunities to lead their own Story Time in the following weeks.

“Thank you to CEO Nancy Halverson and Early Childhood Manager Karen Burnham for being so generous with their time, experience, and for being role models to my students! I continue to bring my education majors back to TCMU to experience its playful, artistic, and informal learning environment and to be inspired by its transdisciplinary approach to the world. My hope is that they can bring some of that experience into their own classrooms one day. Nancy said it best to my students, “There is no difference [between learning and play].”