Bring The Children's Museum of the Upstate's interactive programming to your site!

Read through the following options and policies and then submit your request at the bottom of the page.


Outreach Visit HOURS

Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm.

Outreach Visits are not available for the 2017-2018 school year on these dates: January 9-10, 24; February 21; March 3, 21; April 10-14, 18; May 16.

Classes last one hour. Please note museum staff will need one hour set up time prior to your lesson hour.




If site is outside Greenville county, travel fees will apply.

Limited scholarships are available for Title 1 schools and 3rd grade classes. Contact Anna Stewart, Education Services Manager, at astewart@tcmupstate.org for more information.



Classes last for one hour. There is a 30 student maximum per class.

Watt’s Current? –Funded by Duke Energy
For 3rd grade classes: The students’ hair will stand on end as they participate in experiments using electricity.  They will have a chance to create a giant, human circuit as well as an electromagnet.
SC Science Standards: 3.P.3

The Magic of Magnets
For 2
nd grade classes: Magnetism is an unseen force. With the help of ferrofluids and iron filings, students will explore magnetic fields and the invisible power of magnets.
SC Science Standards: 2.P.3

Grossology: The Nose Knows
For K5 and 1st grade classes:
Why does my nose make snot? This class is a fun way for children to learn how the nose knows best and protects your respiratory system by doing its job.
SC Health and Safety Standards: P-K.1.1; G-K.1.1; G-1.1.2; P-1.1.1; P-1.1.2


Lessons may be adapted to fit other grade standards upon request.


Instructors will need school to provide:

  • 4 tables
  • Chairs for students/teachers
  • Outlets/internet access for laptops



  • Payments must be made 30 days prior to visit (check or credit card).
  • If school is cancelled on the day of your visit, you may reschedule your visit within the same school year.



  • TCMU reserves the right to photograph or video students participating in event.
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher to notify TCMU staff upon arrival of any student who CANNOT be photographed.