Event FAQ’s

Does the museum require that we use their caterer?

No, however we prefer that you consult with our in house caterer who can provide a wide range of budgets and menus.  If you wish to use an outside caterer they must be a licensed caterer and prior approval must be gained from the museum’s event coordinator and an additional fee will apply.

I have a friend who wants to do the catering – why is that not okay?

The museum is a very unique venue with limited time for set up and breakdown.  Because it is not a space in which you have all day to decorate/prep etc… using a licensed insured caterer who knows the logistics is crucial.  It also covers you and the museum in case something unexpected occurs.

What are the guidelines for serving alcohol?

The serving of alcoholic beverages is allowed provided the proper liability insurance is obtained.  All alcohol must be served by a licensed bartender.  This provides you and TCMU a measure of protection in the event of an alcohol related incident.  Anyone consuming alcohol must be 21 years of age as is the law in the State of South Carolina.

When can set up begin?

Set up may begin no earlier than 4pm.  Items may be brought in earlier to our basement if prior arrangements have been made with our event coordinator.

When must items be removed from the museum?

The public areas must be clear of all items by the end time determined on your rental contract.  Any items left longer MUST be approved in advance.  TCMU is not responsible for any items left after the event rental time.

What other expenses/fees can be expected outside of the rental and catering fees?

In addition there is a security officer fee and possible rentals for chairs, linens, or tables.

Do you have parking?

Guests should park in the Heritage Green parking deck located next to the library.  Parking is free on weekends and evenings.  Guests should not park in the employee lot of TCMU.  The parking spaces are needed for vendors and staff.

Can I rent one floor for a wedding reception?

No – for all weddings a full museum rental is required.