3, 2, 1 Blast Off

In 3,2,1 Blast Off, children’s imaginations will blast off into the outer space of their imagination. As they control the various switches, knobs, buttons, and keyboards in the space ship and take a walk inside the wind tunnel, young visitors will take command of their own fantastic journey into worlds unknown.

Children and families can enjoy the physics of speed as they discover how flying machines are designed to defeat gravity. The exhibit explores the continuum of motion-derived flight from the simple glider to rocket-powered space travel. Visitors can learn how pilots control airplanes, then create and test their very own flying machines. Aerodynamics and air pressure can be explored as visitors experiment with wing and body shapes while inside the fifteen-foot wind tunnel and while playing with the Bernoulli Blower and Four Forces interactive. In the center of the exhibit is an interactive replica of a command module where visitors can experience an exciting simulated lift-off.

What are we learning?

  • Role Play
  • Cooperative play
  • Express wonder and ask question about their world
  • Become familiar with the use of devices incorporating technology
  • Bernoulli principle
  • Physics – speed, gravity, forces

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