Big League Fun

Open June 2, 2018–September 9, 2018

Big League Fun is an engaging, educational, and bilingual exhibit experience for children and families. Emphasizing STEAM learning methods, the exhibit focuses on the science and math behind the game of baseball and addresses key academic standards for school-age children. But especially, it will entertain baseball fans of all ages! The anchor components within the exhibit focus on baseball fundamentals, with activities, games and graphics that showcase the sport's educational value. Role play, trivia, and creative uses of technology also highlight the iconic sights and sounds of the game.  When children enter the nearly 2500 sq. ft. exhibit, they will be immersed in the exciting world of major league baseball, with many areas of exploration:

Announcer's booth: Give a play-by-play of the game based on real game clips, with the ability to capture their commentary, add sound effects, and play it back to hear their broadcast.

Fan club: Customize baseball cards with a favorite team logo, or dress up as a player and take a picture!

Keeping score: Answer trivia, calculate batting averages, and solve physics-themed challenges.

Live game coverage: Interview players, coaches and fans using a real camera and green-screen technology.

Ballpark experience: Use props and costumes at ticket sales and concessions.

Pitcher's mound: Review tips for proper pitching, take the mound and pitch into the strike zone...or, be the umpire and make the call!

Batter up!: Master a great swing in the on-deck circle, and step up to the plate where a digital screen records the swing count, displays the ball's trajectory, and reports the outcome based on the hit.

Who's on first?: Communicate with a virtual first-base coach on scenarios, strategies and projected outcomes for second base.

Get a grip: Simulated plays prompt players to throw from the infield or it a catch, an out, safe at the plate, or an error?

Keep your eye on the ball: Grab a glove and catch motorized fly balls!

Big League Fun! was developed by the Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in cooperation with and the express permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.  ©MLB trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of Major League Baseball Properties, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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