Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System

The Children's Hospital of Greenville Health System provides an environment where visitors can learn about how their bodies work and how to take good care of themselves. Children and their caregivers learn about the people, equipment and procedures they might encounter in a hospital environment. The exhibit is comprised of three areas, each dedicated to promoting in-depth learning about an important bodily system. In the Gastroenterology area, visitors can experience getting 'digested' in a giant stomach, and they can raise and monitor their heart rates in the Cardiology area. The Orthopedic area has a Buddy the Bear Operation Table Game and a casting station, generously sponsored by the Greenville County Medical Society Alliance

Also included in the Hospital is the Teddy Bear Clinic, designed for visitors ages 0-5. Pretend to take your furry friend’s temperature, listen to his heartbeat, and give him a check up on a child-sized examine table. This exhibit is designed to ease children’s fears with visiting the doctor and foster familiarity with a hospital environment.

What are we learning?

  • Role-play and imagination in caring for patients
  • Basic anatomy of systems of the body
  • Healthy habits

LOGO - FBGenerously sponsored by Greenville Health System Children's Hospital.


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