Construction Zone

Construction Zone provides materials for visitors to experience construction on both a small and large scale, inviting them to be construction workers as they pound, push, and problem-solve structures as tall as themselves. Once they have a plan, visitors get hard hats and tool belts and get to work using bulldozers and wheelbarrows to move rubber “rocks” around a gravel pit. Overhead, a crane that visitors can operate moves large-scale construction materials, such as fabricated I-beams, to the construction site.

Construction Zone also features a gated area just for toddlers with building blocks and more to develop building skills of our youngest visitors.

What are we learning:

  • Investigate systems and the interaction of parts within a system
  • Create and recognize patterns and relationships
  • Recognize and investigate a design problem
  • Problem solving skills
  • Cooperative play
  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Early math and science skills

Generously sponsored by The Daniel-Mickel Foundation and The Children and Grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Small, Jr.

Enjoy Design It, generously sponsored by The Pazdan Family.

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