Money Works

Sponsored by South Carolina Association of CPA's Piedmont Chapter.

Watch children benefit from hands-on learning opportunities focused on financial literacy. They can role-play as a bank teller, manager, loan officer or customer as they explore activities that highlight earning, saving, spending and philanthropy. Money Works is also our first bilingual exhibit.

Money Works also teaches basic math and problem-solving skills, and encourages children to become money smart. This new exhibit is strategically installed directly beside our BI-LO Market exhibit for additional programming opportunities using both exhibits.

Money Works uses a "Fun with Finance" curriculum and other educational materials for public exhibit demonstrations and for lessons with visiting school groups, after school groups and summer camps.

The "Fun with Finance" curriculum is an option for teachers to select when planning a class field trip to the Museum.  The curriculum will also be offered as an outreach option, where Museum educators conduct the lessons on-site at local schools and nonprofit agencies.

Money Works promotes financial literacy through four teaching components:

  1. ATM Station: Using the bank's touch-screen ATM, children learn about deposits and withdrawals, and how consumers manage their accounts using technology.
  2. Banker's Desk & Teller's Window: At the banker's desk, children can participate in guided activities where they learn about accounts, loans and other bank services using a pretend computer, phone, calendar, calculator and a variety of resource materials. Pretend checking or savings deposit slips are available at the walk-up teller's window.
  3. Drive-Up Window: Children can be the teller or the customer as they use the pull-out and sliding drawers to exchange pretend money.
  4. Drive-Up Car: A kid-sized car adds to the role-play experience at the bank's drive-up window.

What are we learning:

  • Basic mathematics
  • Problem solving skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • Role play


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