Start Your Engines

Buckle up because Start Your Engines is an exhibit where visitors will discover the science of speed including aerodynamics, friction, downforce and Bernoulli’s Principle. Get a feel for high-speed racing by crawling into a driving simulator. Slip on a pit crew jumpsuit and use tools to change race car tires, fill them with air, refill the gas tank and perform other vital tasks. A build-your-own mini racecar area will provide interlocking car parts so children and families can create original designs. Test ramps then allow guests to test their cars’ performance and make rapid changes to the designs as they experiment with aerodynamics, wheel size, gravity and resistance.

What are we learning:

  • Experience many facets of automobile racing: driving, pit crew
  • Role play
  • Cooperative play
  • Make decisions and exercise control
  • Share materials, work collaboratively
  • Science of speed – aerodynamics, friction, downforce and Bernoulli’s Principle

Generously sponsored by Bradshaw Automotive.

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