7 News Studio

Great news: TCMU has updated its 7 News Studio on the first floor, with exciting new music selections such as "Let it Go" and "Who Let the Dogs Out!" New anchor scripts include weather forecasts, local news and more. Bring your budding little stars out soon to see the exciting changes!

The 7  News Studio will offer budding actors, news reporters, and entertainers the opportunity to experience the world of television in the most imaginative way. Children can report the news or weather, sing karaoke, dance to popular music, or produce an original performance. Visitors can prepare for their time on camera in our dressing area, complete with costumes, hats, and a lighted mirror. Next, choose your script or song along with your virtual background and practice for your big moment. Performers then stand in front of the green screen under the big lights in the simulated studio where they can read from a teleprompter while they are recorded by a camera. Guests then move to the production studio where they can view their video complete with professional production and their chosen background. Visitors can view performances from the audience seating area.

The exhibit also includes an art and animation department where original, on-screen graphics and animated features can be created.

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What are we learning?

  • Role Play
  • Video and recording technology
  • Develop performing skills
  • Share resources and work collaboratively

Exhibit generously sponsored by Pam and Charlie Walters.



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