Sensory Friendly Mornings

Sensory Friendly Mornings at TCMU are designed for children with special sensory needs, sensory processing differences, and other special needs. Once a month, children will be encouraged to explore the museum, partake in programming, and engage with our staff in an inclusive and comfortable environment.


August 11
From 9:00am-12:00pm
See programming info below...

Wednesday, September 5
We heard your input and TCMU-G is looking for quieter days and times to host our Sensory Friendly Days! Join us for a Wednesday afternoon to explore the museum with adapted programs, lowered sounds, quiet spaces on each floor, and more! This month, TCMU-G Theatre Professionals will host a Drama Therapy Program. This is adapted for all needs and encourages various forms of expressions, including movement, speech, and body language. This program is for children of all abilities.

Sunday, October 14
We are continuing to test out the best days and times for our Sensory Friendly Days! Join us on October 14th an hour before the museum normally opens to engage in TCMU-G’s second therapeutic percussion program with DRUM Percussion Studio. Don’t worry – these drum activities are quiet, soothing, and relaxing for all our friends! TCMU-G will continue to have lowered sounds, quiet spaces, and more.

What to Expect

  • Bright lights will be dimmed throughout the museum
  • Loud sounds from exhibits will be limited
  • Designated quiet spaces, with a symbol denoting where quiet spaces are on each floor

  • Sensory-friendly programs will take place in:
    • Be Anything Place (Special program)
    • Spark!Lab (Invention)
    • Off the Wall (Art)
    • Story Time and More (for ages five and under)
Social Narrative

To prepare your child for a visit to the museum, the social narrative can be read to your child ahead of time. The social narrative will tell children what to expect when they visit the museum, from parking and admissions to exhibit play and exiting. Click here to view.


Click to download a map for August 11. Maps will be available at the admissions desk upon request.

Special Programming for August 11: Art Workshop with Artist-in-Residence

Guest artist Peggie Hartwell will lead inclusive art workshops for our visitors. Hartwell is founder and instructor for Voices on Cloth, which promotes the art of quilt-making with a focus on working with K-12 students via classroom programs. Voices on Cloth preserves the story quilt and quilt-making traditions, fostering creative thinking and the concept of art as a visual language. This program is a quality Accessible Art experience. Special considerations are given to students with special needs as they discover that artistic expression unites us all in a shared medium of self-discovery. TCMU's 2018 artist-in-residence programming is made possible through support from the South Carolina Arts Commission

In order to help the museum better accommodate and enrich children with sensory-related sensitivities, our program department has had opportunities to participate in professional development related to special needs. This has given our staff the ability to customize programs and create an environment that is suitable to children who have these special needs. Staff members met with Dr. Cynthia Connor, Associate Professor of Special Education at Jacksonville State University. Dr. Connor conducted workshops on how to engage and make toys more accessible for children with special needs. Additionally, staff members have underwent in-house trainings related to The Learning Together Curriculum put out by Boston Children’s Museum. In January, Krista Olsen with the South Carolina Interagency Deaf-Blind Project will conduct a workshop with simulations related to working with children of all developmental levels. The department has a plan to continue workshops throughout 2018.

Standard admission prices  apply.

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