Museum Seating

To foster arts appreciation and provide additional seating in the Children’s Museum, we are pleased to announce the second year of our public art project, Sweet Seats. The program invites up to 10 local professional or amateur artists to embellish handcrafted wooden benches constructed by Kiwanis of the Carolinas, which will be placed throughout the museum for one year. These imaginative, kid and family-friendly designs reflect our 18 permanent exhibits through theme and design. The benches will provide needed respite and wonderful art work created by local artisans for our 100,000 annual visitors to enjoy.

Vegetables for Health- BI-LO Market by Joann Reed

CoDyLance City- Construction Zone by Debbie Morrison

"My design is inspired by watching my boys (Cody, Dylan, and Lance) play in the construction zone. As a family, we spend a great deal of our museum time in this area. They enjoy building with the crane and sending items down the conveyor belt. The back of the bench is what kids see through their eyes. Grown-ups see blocks, kids see skylines."

Time for Turtles- Toddler Lily Pond by Samantha Bell

" I love drawing and painting wildlife, so a bench for the Toddler Lily Pond was the perfect project. The first thing I thought of was turtles– growing up near a lake in Florida, I often saw turtles sunning themselves on a log. Although much of my work is realistic, I also wanted to make turtles fun for the little ones." Click to see more of Samantha’s work on her website.

Goodness Grows- Grandma Betty’s Farm by Erika DeRoberts

"Two years ago, I decided to take my family on a journey to wellness-we became vegan and the adventure began. My husband, three daughters (ages 13, 10, and 6) and I have learned to fill our plates with colorful fruits and veggies. As a result, we have more energy and good heath. We work together on our family garden, and enjoy seeing goodness grow right in our own backyard! We also love shopping at the Greenville farmer’s market, and have tried many new recipes and different vegetables from local CSA programs. My greatest hope for my bench Goodness Grows, is that both kids and parents would be inspired to eat more farm-fresh produce, to enjoy meals, and life more fully!"

Sushi- BI-LO Market by Jennifer Guthrie

" I love sushi! I love its many colors, textures, and the very best art of making and serving it to others. My intent with this design is for the children that discover my bench to enjoy the bright colors, bold patterns, and the little details that make up this delicious foodie bench. Perhaps the question will be asked, “Um, what is this?” This question will give families an opportunity to learn together by exploring another culture and hopefully trying something new for dinner that night!"

Riverside- Reedy River Bend by Doris Turner

"We still have wild areas around here…and they can be found along the rivers of South Carolina. You can hear the whooooo of an owl or get a glimpse of an opossum. As an artist, I like to paint things that I know about. One night, I found a baby opossum peeking at me from inside my pocket book that hung inside my front door and an owl and her baby lived in the old tree next door."

Zippy- Start Your Engines by Nanette Ternberg

"Kids of all ages love race cars. They are shiny and sleek and look fast even when standing still. Since the “Start Your Engines” exhibit is one of the first exhibits you see when you enter the museum, I wanted my design to have a bit of personality with a contagious smile and friendly feel to welcome visitors. I hope the children of Greenville will enjoy this friendly race car as they explore the science behind racing."

The Three Amigos- Robot Fun by Lee Dillingham

Blossom Buddies- Talkin’ Trash by Christina Drotor

"Get to know Christina: My bench was created in conjunction with the Talkin’ Trash Exhibit. I wanted my design to showcase the needs of a plant: water, sunlight, soil, and beneficial bugs to create the beautiful flowers we see. These “blossom buddies” are incorporated into the colorful design."

To the Moon- 3,2,1 Blast Off by Jennifer Guy

"The inspiration for this piece came from a dear friend of mine, as she recommended I replicate something similar to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” since I was interested in creating a bench for the “3,2,1…Blast Off” exhibit, but couldn’t seem to nail down a solid design of my own. Instantly, the gears began to turn in my mind about how I wanted the final piece to turn out. The painting style I chose, with the heavy outlines, is made to portray a stained-glass like look, the inlaid glass stars are in the pattern of the Big Dipper, and the rocket blasting off to the glittery moon is there in the spirit of exploration."


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Adult: $10
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Military: $9
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