Maker Fest

Maker Fest invites makers from our Upstate community to share their creations with TCMU guests! From 3D printing to mixed media art and more - join us for a day of demos and workshops that will leave all inspired to make and create.

Makers will be onsite from 10am-3pm. All workshops or booths are drop-in unless otherwise stated below.

This year's makers:

Making Music: Talented harpist and TCMU Volunteer, Sara Johanson, will have a booth setup for children to try their hand at “making music.”

Recycled Reef Art: Jennifer Lowry makes 3D coral reef structures from recycled materials and bottles. Learn how waste impacts our coral reefs and the animals that call this place home.

Handmade Paper Boxes: Meet Robin Bell and learn to make and decorate handmade paper boxes. Use art materials to create your take-home project. –Signup Workshop

DRUM Percussion Studio Maracas: Attendees will make their own maracas out of Easter eggs, spoons, tape, and various fillings. Explore how various fillings impact the sound of your instrument!

Jewelry with Barbara: Signup to take jewelry workshops with TCMU educator, Barbara Poole. Barbara will guide makers as they create a special piece of jewelry to take home. –Signup Workshop: 1:15 pm and 2:45 pm, ages 7 and older

Sewing with Donna: Stop by Donna Tillman’s booth for a hands-on guided experience with an experienced seamstress! Learn about the craft of sewing by sewing simple lines.

Practical Origami - Masu Box Project: Create a traditional Japanese open box using a single sheet of paper with Laura Willems. –Signup Workshop

Paper Making with Rebecca Irvine: Papermaking is a very kid's friendly activity and guests can take part in each step of the process.

Wonderful Watercolors and Bicycles: TCMU Educator, Danielle Herring, will help children use watercolors to paint their bicycles. –Signup Workshop: 10:15 am and 11:30am, ages 5 and older

Off the Wall: Join us in Off the Wall today to make a crazy hat and participate in a “trashion” show! Children will also have opportunities to use Scribble Bots today.

Play in Clay: Explore clay and a pottery wheel with our TCMU educator and artist, Christina Drotor.

Imagination Playground, Rigamjig and More: Visit Be Anything Place to make and build with our favorite, innovative building blocks.

Maker Time and More: It’s Story Time with a twist! Stop by Get Up and Grow at 10, 11, and 1 for a fun maker activity for our youngest friends. –Signup Workshop: 10am, 11am, 1pm, ages 5 and under

Seneca Treehouse: Drop by the Seneca Treehouse booth and explore the wonderful world of tools today!

Cook’s Station Pasta Making: Make Pasta Today! Cook’s Station will have exciting workshops for all of our aspiring chefs!