Museums For All

Beginning February 1, 2019, The Children’s Museum of the Upstate will participate in Museums for All, a signature access program of the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), administered by the Association of Children’s Museums (ACM), to encourage people of all backgrounds to visit museums regularly and build lifelong museum-going habits.

Read the following Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about this program:

Is it true you offer a discounted admission price of $3 to The Children’s Museum of the Upstate?
It’s true! As a benefit of your EBT card, you can visit both TCMU locations as often as you’d like for $3 admission per person. Just show your benefits card at admissions to receive the discount for up to four family members in your household.

How much does it cost for my family to visit through Museums for All?
Museums for All reduces the cost of admission to $3 per person for up to four members in your household. For example, if your family of three is visiting, your total cost of admission would be $9. Also, remember that at both museums, children under the age of 1 receive free admission.

Who is eligible for Museums for All?
Museums for All benefits are for South Carolina residents only and may not be used for school or group visits. You may receive your discounted admission for adults and/or children, for up to four total family members.
What do I need to bring to receive Museums for All admission?

Please bring the following on the day of your visit:
  • A valid South Carolina state-issued photo ID
  • Your EBT card
You will be asked to complete the Museum for All registration form, or you can print and complete the form from home and present it at admissions. Click here to access the form. During subsequent visits, you will only need to provide a driver’s license to be admitted.

Who can I bring with me to participate in Museums for All?
Eligible guests may bring up to three additional family members in their household, for a total of four family members. Children and adults both qualify.

Can I bring a school or group visit using Museums for All?
No. This benefit does not apply to school or group visits. The program is designed for families, for a total of up to four family members.

How frequently can I use Museums for All?
As many times as you’d like! There are no restrictions on the number of times your family can visit the museum.

I am visiting from out of town. Can I still qualify for Museums for All pricing?
Museums for All supports our community’s families in South Carolina. All participants must show a valid state-issued ID from SC to redeem.

Can I visit in Spartanburg or Greenville under Museums for All?
Museums for All is accessible at both museum locations in Greenville and in Spartanburg. Admission is $3 per person at each location, up to four family members.

Can I visit Spartanburg and Greenville museum locations in one day using Museums for All?
If you choose to visit both locations in one day, you will need to pay Museums for All admission at each location. For example, it you visit TCMU-Greenville in the morning, and then TCMU-Spartanburg in the afternoon, you will need to pay $3 per person at each museum.

Does Museums for All cover upcharge programming, special events, or onsite parking?
The Museums for All program reduces the price of admission only at both museum locations. It does not include upcharge programs or special events, nor does it cover the price of parking.

Can I share my EBT card with another family so they can redeem Museums for All pricing also?
No, we require guests to present their EBT card at admissions along with a matching state-issued photo ID. If your photo ID does not match the name printed on your EBT card you will not be able to redeem Museums for All pricing.

I lost my EBT card. Can I still redeem Museums for All pricing?
We require guests to present their EBT card along with a photo ID. If you do not have your card or ID with you when you arrive, you will not be able to redeem Museums for All pricing.

If my child qualifies for Medicaid, do we qualify for Museums for All pricing?
Museums for All benefits are only available for South Carolina families who receive EBT benefits.


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