Continued Learning

TCMU at Home

The museum may be temporarily closed, but that doesn't mean that learning and fun have to stop! That's right, we're bringing the Museum to YOU! Stay tunned over the upcoming weeks for TCMU at Home. We will continue to add to the resource list bellow, as well add fun videos, activities, story time, and more to our social media channels!

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Hands on Learning

Supplement your child's education at home with these engaging and entertaining resources!

Story Time from Space Adventure into outer space with a special space themed story read by Astronaut Anne McClain from all the way at the International Space Station.
Read-Alouds with our Favorite Authors! Hear your favorite stories read by your favorite authors!
Imagineering in a Box A behind-the-scenes peek into Imagineering at Walt Disney through this series of interactive activities that allow you to design your very own theme park experience.
Crumpled Creations Help your child strengthen their fine motor, hand strength, and emotional control skills with these upcycled crumpled craft creations.
Egg Shell Sensory Art Enjoy some sensory fun by recycling and reusing eggshells to create beautiful rainbow creations.
Junk Jam Music Explore sound and rhythm with this fun recycling activity.
Invent It Challenge Join the Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge and create your own invention to help “provide access to healthy food for everyone, everywhere, every day.”
Tongue Map At-Home Science Experiment Enjoy this tasty science experiment that will help your children figure out how their tongues respond to sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.
The Dad Lab Creative Projects Dive into this family-friendly resource, full of art and science activities to do with your children at home.
At Home Science Experiments Explore this database full of fun, at-home science experiments.
Smithsonian Activity Resources Find the perfect activity for your child’s age or grade with this activity database created by the Smithsonian.
Beyond the Chalkboard Discover new STEAM activities in this resource from our friends at the Boston Children’s Museum.
Friends Preschool Explore new ways to create and learn with Preschoolers.
Smithsonian Learning Lab Broaden your distance learning resources with thousands of the Smithsonian’s collections.
Color Sorting Activity This simple toddler sorting activity uses everyday items.
Rainbows Create a quaratine rainbow collection!
Lunch Doodles Enjoy lunch doodles with Mo Willems.
Science Skype Skype with a scientist. Check out live sessions and recorded ones.
Crayola at Home Crayola's at home activites focus on color.
Arts & Crafts Several ideas for fun at-home arts and crafts activities!
Fashion Activities From jewelry making to embroidery, there is something for every fashionista!

Story Time Extension Activities

Find activities that correspond to story times on our Facebook and Instagram pages!
If DaVinci Painted a Dinosaur Create your own painting following our story time!

Get Moving

Explore ways to keep your kids active throughout the day!

Five Senses Nature Walk Explore the outdoors with this fun educational adventureto learn the 5 senses.
Cosmic Kids Yoga Practice yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation with these interactive adventures that will help your child build strength, balance, and confidence with all of their favorite themes including Frozen, Star Wars, and many more.
Bird Scavenger Hunt Go on an outdoor scavenger and identify bird species based on their sounds.
The Walking Classroom Listen to podcasts on a variety of subjects - perfect for accompanying a walk.

Understanding Big Emotions and Feelings

Help your child understand their thoughts and feelings during COVID-19.

"Just Breath" This engaging video teaches mindfulness and social emotional learning for children by children.
"Wemberly Worried" This handout accompanies the story Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes.
Put Your Thoughts on Ice This social emotion regulation activity helps children deal with their feelings.

Parent Resources

Extended resources to support parents during COVID-19.

Preparing for COVID-19 Explore this database of learning resources for both parents and children that addresses COVID-19 and extended at-home learning.
The Science Behind Social Distancing Learn the importance of social distancing in this educational podcast.

Online Courses

Checkout these online enrollment courses.

Developing Qualities of a Youth Leader with IAG The India Association of Greenville is glad to bring you the youth leadership online classes, with assistance from Jon Maxwell team coaches. This course is comprised of 7 Youth Leadership lessons with the goal of helping teenagers learn leadership values and teaching, how to apply them to their own lives from leadership expert John C. Maxwell. This is a great opportunity for kids to utilize their free time to learn and practice leadership skills, while they are at home with schools closed. Course is $5.

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